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Video Game Connection - Museum : Pro-Play Home Arcade
Now You've Got It Made....

Pro-Play Home Arcade

The Nintendo and Sega game systems are close to arcade quality already. Now you've got it made with the Pro-Play Home Arcade, a video game cabinet that transforms these systems into a real arcade machine at home! Just look at all of the features of the Pro-Play Home Arcade.

Special Performance Features

Real Arcade joysticks and Fire Buttons for accurate and precise control and outstanding durability.

100% microswitch control, the exact models used by your favorite arcade companies, Data East, Atari, Capcom, and others.

Correct cables for quick and easy hookup are hidden and protected from dangerous and messy exposure.

Uses any standard TV or Monitor up to 23 1/2" wide. This includes all 20" TVs (TV/Monitor not included).

Arcade-Quality Design

Rugged constructed, using the same materials as arcade cabinets for long term durability and dependability.

Easy to assemble using simple household tools. All parts needed are included.

Easy to maintain with wipe clean vinyl on all exposed surfaces.

Attractivwe, neutral color compliments any room decor.

Compact size takes up just 2' x 3' of floor space. Full height of 70" it fits anywhere.

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