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New Updates - 01/30/2007

Hey everyone,

There has been some recent updates to the main site. Some new game lists inventory has been added. Mostly Classic Lists this time around, but more are on coming soon!

Just a note as a reminder the date of the updated list is on the first line of the list as you are viewing it. That is the date the list was made or updated last. And also a point to remember that the titles that have the prices and conditions listed are the ones IN STOCK! As we mention in our SUPPORT FAQS, the inventory is constantly changing so if you see something that has a price, email first on availability.

We try to keep the lists updated on a regular basis.

Also coming soon too, a few more surprises I have been working on here and there between other other projects for this site. Yes I am constantly working on improving and adding more content to VGC to make it the best ever!! :O)

Well that just about does it for this news briefing!! :)

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