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Atari 2600
+++ Adventure +++


Game Program Instructions

Use your Joystick Controller with this ATARI(C) Game Program.(tm) Be
sure the Controller is
firmly plugged into the LEFT CONTROLLER jack at the rear of your
ATARI Video Computer
System.(tm) Hold the Controller with the red button to your upper
left toward the television
screen. See Section 3 of your Owner's Manual for further details.

Note: Always turn the console power switch OFF when inserting or
removing an ATARI Game
Program. This will protect the electronic components and prolong the
life of your ATARI Video
Computer System.

Note: For more enjoyment of the ADVENTURE Game Program, please read
all instructions
carefully before beginning play. Keep this instruction booklet handy
for quick reference.


An evil magician has stolen the Enchanted Chalice and has hidden it
somewhere in the Kingdom.
The object of the game is to rescue the Enchanted Chalice and place
it inside the Golden Castle
where it belongs.

This is no easy task, as the Evil Magician has created three Dragons
to hinder you in your quest for
the Golden Chalice. There is Yorgie, the Yellow Dragon, who is just
plain mean; there is Grundle,
the Green Dragon, who is mean and ferocious; and there is Rhindle,
the Red Dragon, who is the
most ferocious of all. Rhindle is also the fastest Dragon and is the
most difficult to outmaneuver.

There are three castles in the Kingdom; the White Castle, the Black
Castle, and the Golden
Castle. Each castle has a Gate over the entrance. The Gate can be
opened with the corresponding
colored Key. Inside each Castle are rooms(or dungeons, depending at
which Skill Level you are

The Castles are separated by rooms, pathways, and labyrinths. Common
to all the Skill Levels is
the Blue Labyrinth through which you must find your way to the Black
Castle. Skill Levels 2 and 3
have a more complicated Kingdom(see SKILL LEVELS section).


You can move in any of eight directions with the joystick in that
direction(see diagram). Each area
shown on your television screen will have one or more barriers or
walls, through which you
CANNOT pass. There are one or more openings. To move from one area to
an adjacent area,
move "off" the television screen through one of the
openings, the adjacent area will be shown on
your television screen.

Scattered throughout the Kingdom are certain objects to help you in
your search for the Enchanted
Chalice. To pick up an object, all that is necessary is to touch it.
You will hear a sound that will
notify you that you have the object in tow. To drop the object, press
the red controller button.
You will hear a different sound that will tell you that the object
has been released.

To open any Castle, touch the Gate with that Castle's corresponding
colored key. The GAte will
slide open and you can enter the Castle by moving upward through the
Gate. If you are leaving the
Castle, it is advisable to push the Key out first or you may
inadvertently close the Castle Gate
behind you.


Choose the Skill Level you wish to play by depressing the game select
switch. To begin play
depress the game reset switch.

If you get "eaten" by one of the Dragons, do not despair!
Just depress the game reset switch and
you will be "reincarnated" and placed back in front of the
Golden Castle. Unfortunately, any
Dragons you may have slain(see GOOD MAGIC) will also be reincarnated.
If you were carrying
any object with you, it will remain where it was.

If you have finished one game and wish to begin another depress
either the game reset or the game
select switch. The number of the skill level at which you were
playing will appear on the television
screen. Depress the game reset switch and begin play.


By using the difficulty switches you can increase or decrease the
difficulty of the game at each Skill

When the left difficulty switch is in the b position, the Dragons
will hesitate before they bite you.
Therefore, when the left difficulty switch is in the a position, it
is more difficult to escape them.


While the Evil Magician has created many hazards to slow you in your
quest to rescue the
Enchanted Chalice, there is some Good Magic on your side:

You have a Sword that you can use to slay the Dragons To do this, you
must touch him
with it.

If the right difficulty switch is in the a position all Dragons will
run from the Sword.

There is a Bridge that can be used to pass over the walls of any
portion of the Kingdom.
The Bridge CANNOT be used to pass through any barrier into the next
portion, nor can it
be used to move from right to left or left to right over a barrier or
wall. It also CANNOT be
used to get past a locked Castle Gate.

Pick up the Bridge the same way you would any other object. Place the
Bridge across the
wall that you wish to pass over and release it by pushing the red
controller button. The ends
of the Bridge must be visible on both sides of the wall for it to
work. After releasing the
Bridge you can then pass through it to the other side of the wall or

If you should happen to touch the inside of the Bridge while you are
passing over the
barrier, the Bridge will close and you may become trapped as well.

To release yourself, press the red controller button. If, for some
reason, your magic should
fail and you still cannot release yourself, press game reset and
"reincarnate". Use
reincarnation as a last resort, especially if you have slain one or
more Dragons.

In all games, Yorgie, the Yellow Dragon, is afraid of the Gold Key
and will run from it. He
will also stay away from whatever room or area of the Kingdom in
which it may be.

To remove objects that are stuck in a wall and out of reach, there is
a Magnet that affects all
inanimate objects, including the Bridge. The Magnet can also be used
to move objects in an
adjacent part of the kingdom by putting it in front of you before
entering that part of the


The Evil Magician has cast a spell to make it difficult for you to
succeed in resucing the Enchanted
Chalice. Not only do the Dragons rally around and try to stop you
from getting the Enchanted
Chalice, they guard other objects in the Kingdom:

Grundle, the Green Dragon, guards the Magnet, the Bridge, and the
Black Key.

Rhindle, the Red Dragon, guards the White Key.

When not guarding the Enchanted Chalice, Yorkle, the Yellow Dragon,
roams freely about
the Kingdom. Sometimes he will assist Grundle or Rhindle in guarding
whatever it may be
that they are guarding.

There is other Ba Magic that you must overcome in order to rescue the
Enchanted Chalice:

You cannot pick up and carry a slain dragon.

In Skill Levels 2 and 3(see SKILL LEVEL descriptions), besides the
Dragons, the Evil
Magician has created a Black Bat that carries objects arround
throughout the Kingdom and
trades them for an object that you may be carrying. The Black Bat may
trade a live Dragon
for the Sword and leave you defenseless, or it may trade you
something for the Enchanted
Chalice just as you are ready to put it into the Golden Castle.


Some Magic can be good or bad, depending on the situation:

You can catch the Black Bat and carry it and whatever the Black Bat
may be carrying.
However, sometimes the Black Bat will escape(usually at the most
inopportune times).

If there are four or more objects(including the Castle Gates) in your
area of the Kingdom,
your magic may or may not work. Sometimes you can slay a Dragon,
sometimes you can't.
However, it is easier to avoid being swallowed by a Dragon.

If you have slain a Dragon, and he is blocking your path, so you
cannot get through, you can use
this to your advantage by placing one or two objects in the same area
and then move through the
slain Dragon.

Sometimes the Black Bat can be used to your advantage by getting it
to swap for an object you
need that may be stuck in a wall.


Level 1 This is the simplest Skill Level. When you depress the game
reset switch to begin play,
you will see the Key to the Golden Castle. Unlock the Castle and
enter. You will find the Sword
inside the Golden Castle. The Key to the Black Castle is being
guarded by Grundle, the Green
Dragon. Yorgle, the Yellow Dragon is roaming free and may or may not
be found guarding the
Enchanted Chalice, which is hidden with the Magnet inside the Black

Level 2 This Kingdom is much larger than Level 1. There are Catacombs
(in which you can see
only part way). The Key to the Golden Castle is hidden here. You must
pass through the
Catacombs to reach the White Castle. The Key to the White Castle is
hidden in the Blue
Labyrinth. Inside the White Castle is the Red Dungeon. There is a
Secret Room in the Red
Dungeon where the Key to the Black CAstle is hidden. To get to the
Secret room you must use
the Bridge.

To get to the Black CAstle you must pass through the Blue Labyrinth.
Behind the first room of the
Black Castle is the Grey Dungeon, which is similar to the Catacombs.
The Enchanted Chalice is
hidden here, guarded by Rhindle, the Red Dragon.

All objects, the Dragons, and the Black Bat will start in the same
place in the Kingdom each time
you play the game at Level 2.

Level 3 The Kingdom is the same as Level 2, but is more difficult to
play as the Evil Magician has
placed all the objects and the Dragons randomly within the Kingdom.
You will never know for
sure what is in the next area of the Kingdom until you enter it, nor
will you know for sure where the
Enchanted Chalice may be hidden. The Dragons could be inside any of
the Castles.
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