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Atari 2600
   Beany Bopper       



Set up your video game system and left joystick controller as instructed
in your manufacturer's manual. Turn the power OFF and insert the
Beany Bopper game cartridge.


Turn the power ON and choose the play option you wish. (The difficulty
switches are not used in Beany Bopper.) Press the joystick button or
the Game Reset lever to leave the "Demo Mode" and get ready to start


Your job is to capture Beanies, Bouncing Orange Eyes, and a crazy variety
of Falling Objects. Beanies are devious and deadly and must be
shot with the Bopper's stun gun before they can be captured.

[screen shot: Reserve Boppers are the purple eyeballs at the top of the
screen. Obstacles are the large blocks scrolling down the playfield.
The Bopper is a small purple eyeball, always looking in its direction of
movement (as are the extras up top -- nice touch.) The beany is a small
pinkish hemisphere with a propeller and a frown. Finally, the bomb dropping
down the middle is a Bonus Object, and is safe to touch.]


Tilt the joystick to zoom your Bopper around the screen. Press the
joystick button to fire the Bopper's amazing stun gun. Press once for
a single long range blast or hold the button down for short range rapid fire.
A hit from the stun gun will stun a mean Beany and allow him to be caught.
To capture the stunned Beany, just zoom your Bopper over and touch it.
None of the other objects have to be stunned to be caught, but a
hit from the stun gun will slow them down too! You can pause and start
the game at any time by pressing the Color - B/W lever.


Each game begins with four Boppers, one in play and three in reserve.
The number of reserve Boppers is shown at the top of the screen. If you
bag four beanies in a row without losing a Bopper, you'll get a bonus
Bopper! You can never have more than three Boppers in reserve. Your
Bopper need not fear touching unstunned Objects or Orange Eyes, but
contact with a moving Beany will disintegrate your Bopper. The game ends
when all of your Boppers are destroyed.

[screen shot: A Bopper has been hit, and is disintegrating into little
purple dots at lower left. The reserve Bopper counter is doing the same,
and is about to decrease by one. A Beany and a falling airplane are
taking in the action to the right.]


You will always be boppin' two items at a time beginning with two
Beanies. Each time you capture a Beany, a Falling Object will drop from
the top of the screen. The first object to appear is a Bomb. At the
higher levels you'll be boppin' Airplanes, Parachuting People, People without
parachutes and Faces.

When you have bopped four Beanies without losing a Bopper, a Bouncing Orange
Eye will appear. (You will receive a Bonus Bopper at the same time, providing
you do not already have three in reserve.) Each Falling Object or Orange Eye
you can catch will be replaced with another Object or Orange Eye. If a
stunned Object or Beany is allowed to drop off the bottom of the playing
field, it will be replaced with a meany Beany. If a Bouncing Orange Eye
touches the bottom of the screen, it too will be replaced by a Beany.


Choice of Play Options determines how the Beanies move about the playing
field. Use the Game Select lever to go from one option to the other.

OPTION 1 = Beanies bounce off the obstacles.

OPTION 2 = Beanies fly freely through the obstacles. Option two is
indicated by a long bar which appears at the top of the screen.


There are seven Levels of Challenge in Beany Bopper which can only
be reached by accumulating points. As you progress, the stunned Beanies,
Objects and Orange Eyes will drop off the screen at a faster rate.

LEVEL 0 = 0-999 points
LEVEL 1 = 1,000 - 2,999 points
LEVEL 2 = 3,000 - 4,999 points
LEVEL 3 = 5,000 - 9,999 points
LEVEL 4 = 10,000 - 19,999 points
LEVEL 5 = 20,000 - 29,999 points
LEVEL 6 = 30,000 - 49,999 points
LEVEL 7 = 50,000 + points

[Note: There's another surprise at 100,000 points, and perhaps more... -JEC]

[Screen shot: A long orange bar is at the top of the screen, and the Beany
is preparing to fly right through an obstacle; option 2 is active.
The Bopper is about to blast a Bouncing Orange Eye.]



Beany = 20 points
Falling Object = 20 points
Bouncing Orange Eye = 100 points


Beany = 100 points plus the Challenge Level Number
Falling Object = 100 to 490 points, Depending on the Challenge Level
Bouncing Orange Eye = Twice the Value of an Object at that Level.

The score is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to record
your best boppin' scores on the back of this booklet!


You can shoot a longer distance if you don't hold the joystick button down.
Keep an eye on your reserve boppers and don't be too greedy with points.
You may have to let some objects fall off the screen in order to have the
opportunity to sack four more Beanies and earn a bonus Bopper!

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