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   BMX Airmaster       

BMX Air Master

Thank you for purchasing BMX Air Master. Please read this instruction manual
carefully so that you can fully enjoy this game.

BMX Air Master is a one or two player game. The main goal is to perform as many
ticks and combinations and score as many points as possible. Your attempts for
tricks per game are limited so you've got to be good.

There are three different events to the game:

1. Half Pipe
2. Quarter Pipe
3. Ramp Jump and Landing.


BMX Air Master has 4 modes:

1. Practice standard
2. Practice advanced
3. Arcade standard
4. Arcade advanced

To select the mode, use the select button on the console or the left joystick.
To begin a game, use the reset button on the console of the fire button on the

In a 2 player game, use the right difficulty switch to choose between using one
or two joysticks (only one player may play at one time).

Practice Mode
If you're going to be great, you've got to practice. This mode allows you to
switch and practice events. After you have completed the selected event,
the game will reset and allow you to try another event. Press right on
the joystick to select an event, then press the fire button to start.

Arcade Mode
Now it's time to test your skill.

The idea here is to survive through as many events as you can. When your lives
are gone, the game is over. In each round after the ramp jump has been
completed you will be awarded an extra man.
In the next round the difficulty will increase. The number of lives is indicated
at the bottom of the screen, L = Lives.


Half Pipe
To start the stage press the fire button. Pedal your bike by moving the joystick
left and right. You will need to pick up speed fast in order to get into the air.

The bike cannot leave the ramp while backwards. Use the fire button to turn the
bike around. While you're in the air: Try to perform as many tricks as possible
(see chart).
The time limit is 90 seconds; when time is running out a tone will warn you.

Quarter Pipe
This even is similar to the half pipe, but this time you have only 3 attempts.
Use the ramp to gain speed and concentrate on a certain trick or combo.

The Ramp Jump
This one's bigger than the fountain at Caesars! You've got three chances to make
the jump. Again, the idea is to perform as many aerial tricks as possible for points.
500 bonus points will be awarded by landing on the ramp.

SCORING: Points are awarded each time a trick is performed. More points are
awarded the first time a trick is performed in each event. Combinations of
tricks are possible and bonus points can be earned (see chart).



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Loops(*) 720+ 180 360 720+ 720+ 0 720+ 720+
Rotate Do not 1 3+ Do not 3+ 3+ Do not 3+
Flip Do not Do not 3+ Do not 3+ 3+ Do not 3+
Feet Must do Must do Must do Must do
Hands Must do Must do Must do Must do Must do
Move Forward Must do Must do Must do Must do Must do
X-Up Must do Must do Must do Must do
Bounces 1 3+ 3+
Points 1000 1000 1000 1000 1500 2000 2000 2000
Next Time 500 500 500 500 700 1000 1000 1000

(+ = or more)
[(*) Typist's Note: Loops are measured in degrees (i.e. 180 is 180 degrees).]

Trick Points

Next Next
1st Time 1st Time
--------------------------- -------------------------------
Loop Backwards 500 20 Move Forward 500 200*
Loop Forwards 500 20 X-Up 500 200*
Rotate 500 100 Bounce 200 200
Flip 500 100 Ramp Joystick Up 500 500
Feet 500 200* Ramp Joystick Down 500 500
Hands 500 200* Land on Ramp 500 500
--------------------------- (Jump Event)
*Per Second

Bonus Points: (Awarded at the end of an event.) 1000 for each combination
performed (8 maximum) 100 for each type of trick performed (8 maximum)


Remember that a safe landing is very important -- while in the air, prepare your
bike by making sure the wheels land on the ramp and not your head.

When leaving the half or quarter pipe ramp, hold the joystick up or down. This
will move your player left or right. By doing this you can actually land on the
top of the ramp.

When the first 3 events are completed, round two will begin again with the half
pipe. This difficulty will increase.

Harder Stages
As difficulty increases you must land on the ramps at the correct angle. make
sure you land correctly.

Also, the pedal force and gravity will increase so you must pedal harder to
reach the highest areas.

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