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Atari 2600

Entombed: by U.S. Games (VC2007)

U.S. Games Corporation
A Subsidiary of the Quaker Oats Corporation
1515 Wyatt Drive
Santa Clara, California 95054


Entombed is a one or two player, full color game designed to be played
on the Atari Video Computer System or the Sears Video Arcade.

You and your team of archeologists have fallen into the "catacombs of
the zombies." There's no time to look around; these guys are after you,
and they mean business! Your only salvation is that you have discovered
the secret to the "make-break." Grab them, and you can break through walls
when you get stuck, or create a wall behind you -- if you are being chased.
The longer you survive, the faster you have to move.

Explore alone, or two archeologists can work together or compete in a
frenzied trek through the catacombs.

[screen shot: looks sort of like a long-range view of an Adventure labyrinth.
Make-Break == moving vertical blip.
Archeologist == humanoid figure.
Zombie == blue humanoid.
Number of Make-Breaks == number at lower left.
Score == number at lower right.]

Set-Up Instructions:

1. Connect the Atari Video Computer System or Sears Video Arcade following
manufacturer's instructions.

2. Install the left joystick for single player game, and both joysticks
for two player game.

3. Insert the cartridge -- making sure the power is OFF.

4. Move the POWER switch to ON.

5. Select the game of your choice.

6. Press the fire button on player one joystick to start the game.

7. Difficulty switches:
Position A = Two make-breaks for each blinking block touched.
Position B = Three make-breaks for each blinking block touched.


* Move joystick in either of four directions you want your archeologist
to move.

* To make or break a wall section, push fire button while moving in the
direction you want make-break to occur.

Game Variations:

GAME 1 Single player version.
GAME 2 Two player version.


You have three archeologists on your team; they are indicated by squares at
upper right or left of screen. You lose an archeologist by being scrolled
off the top of the screen, or being touched by a zombie.

In single player game, your score is based on how many sections of maze
you have successfully traveled through. This is the number showing at
the lower right of screen. There are five sections to each maze, after
which you float into the next one.

In the two player game, there is no scoring, just hot and furious competition.
The survivor wins. You may choose to play cooperatively and help each
other through and see how far you can both get. This would be established
by the color of the last maze you are in.

Playing hints:

* You only have one make-break to start out. Use it wisely! Since the
early mazes scroll slowly, you don't have to rush to the bottom of the
screen; it is better to hold back near the top of the screen so you can
determine the positions of both make-break and zombie. When the make-break
appears, be sure you can get to it by using only one (or, hopefully, none)

* If you are low on make-breaks, keep aware of how close you are to a
maze change (right-hand number indicates maze increment -- five in each
colored maze), you may be able to get to the next maze without using
a make-break.

* When the zombie warning sound starts, quickly check the screen for his
position and color. The color indicates his method of moving through
the maze. If he is blue and remains so, he can only move through the
channels of the maze. If he appears blue and then suddenly changes to
orange, he can move through the walls to get you! The secret to avoiding
his clammy, deadly grip is to move below him as soon as possible. Better
to be a surviving coward than a brave idiot!

* When you have advanced to the faster scrolling mazes, you must be ready
between maze changes, or after losing a player. Hold the joystick down,
or back, to get a jump on the quickly moving maze; otherwise, before you
know it, you'll be entombed!


* The two player strategy can be either competitive or cooperative. The
cooperative method is for nice guys. Here you help each other out of
tight spots by opening a passageway for your partner when he has no
make-breaks, or luring the zombie away from him. (Foolish -- maybe, but
you're a nice guy -- remember?)

* The competitive method is, of course, for the deceiving, nasty, or
otherwise typical game player who wants to win. Playing nasty is the name
of the game and entails taking advantage of your opponent's breaks,
trapping him in the maze by blocking his path when he has no make-breaks
left, and just being downright mean by beating him to all the make-breaks.

* Whichever game variation you like to play, your cleverness, adeptness
at control, and foresight will MAKE OR BREAK you!

Look for more U.S. Games video games wherever you buy game cartridges.
Drop us a note and we'll be glad to add your name to our mailing list and
keep you posted on new game cartridges when they become available.

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