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Atari 2600
   Fire Fighter       



Midnight. The city sleeps. Suddenly, cries pierce the night:


"A Man's trapped up there!"

A raging blaze crackles and climbs. A Desperate man waves his
arms and races from window to window, floor to floor. His
perilous situation looks hopeless.

Be Strong.

Douse the flames with your hose. Line up your ladder. Save him.
Keep trying. You're his last chance - his only chance.


Save him! Rescue the panicked man from the burning warehouse. As
the fire spreads higher, he climbs a floor at a time to escape
the blaze. He reaches treacherous heights. Only by reaching him
with the ladder can he be saved. Put out the flames with your
hose. Race back to the engine, jump on and scramble up the
ladder. Snatch him from his fiery peril! Get moving!


* Insert cartridge in console, label up. Turn power switch to
* Flip Game Select Lever to chose one of the nine Fire
Fighter games.
* Game number appears at the bottom of the screen, right of
* Hit Game Reset Lever to begin action. Game begins again
whenever Reset Lever is tapped.
* Red button on the left joystick will reset game when
previous game ends.


You direct all rescue operations with the left joystick. As the
game begins, the fire fighter appears on the fire engine.
* Push joystick left (away from engine) and the fire fighter
hops off his engine.
* Keep pressing left, and he runs across the sidewalk in
front of the warehouse.
* Stop pushing the joystick and the fire fighter stands
* Push joystick right (toward the engine) and the fire
fighter turns and runs back toward the fire engine.
* Keep pushing right: he'll jump back onto the engine.

Your hose allows you to control the spread of the flames or put
the fire out completely.
To launch a stream of water:
* The fire fighter must be in front of the warehouse.
* Push the joystick away from you. The longer you push, the
higher the jet of water goes. Water shoots as high as the
top windows of the warehouse. It does not reach the roof.
* You have a limited supply of water. Make it count!

The fire engine also comes equipped with a ladder. The trapped
man can only be saved from the warehouse, and the game won, by
using the ladder. The ladder can reach any floor of the warehouse
except the roof. If the fire fighter positions the ladder
accurately, climbs it and gets to the floor on which the man is
trapped, the fire fighter can rescue him.
* Fire fighter must be on the ground while adjusting the
* He can only jump from the ladder to the ground when he is
at the bottom of the ladder.

To change the angle of the ladder so it will reach different
* Pull the ladder in all the way by holding the red button
down while pulling the joystick toward you. The ladder
cannot be moved while it is extended.
* Keep holding the red button down.
* To angle the ladder toward the lower floors: lean joystick
* To angle the ladder toward the upper floors: lean joystick
* To extend the ladder: Hold red button down while pushing
the joystick away from you.
* To pull in the ladder: Hold red button down while pulling
the joystick toward you.



* Extend the ladder until it rests directly against the
* Have fire fighter jump back onto the engine by leaning the
joystick to the right.
* Listen for the sound that tells you he's leapt aboard.
* To climb: lean joystick away from you. He'll run to
the top of the ladder.
You've won the game when:
* the ladder has been extended to the floor where the man is
* the trapped man moves all the way to the right and reaches
the fire fighter on the ladder.
* the jubilant song "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" signals a
job well done.


* The Left difficulty Lever controls how quickly the fire
spreads through the warehouse.
* For fast-moving flames: set in position A
* For a slow and steady burn: set in position B
* When the fire fighter puts out flames in any or all
parts of the building, that part of the fire stays out
for the rest of the game.
* The fire spreads upward in the warehouse. When it
reaches the top floor, the fire begins to go out on
the lower floors. Eventually, the flames will die out
completely and the trapped man will come down from the


You confront each of Fire Fighter's challenges alone! Rescue the
man and win the game.
Game 1: 10-story building. Position the ladder carefully.
It's tricky!
Game 2: 9-story building.
Game 3: 8-story building.
Game 4: 7-story building.
Game 5: 6-story building.
Game 6: 5-story building.
Game 7: 4-story building.
Game 8: 3-story building. Move quickly - seconds count!
Game 9: Begins with a 3-story building. After each rescue,
another floor is automatically added to the warehouse,
to a maximum of 10 floors. How fast can you move
through them all? Use water sparingly; your supply
must last for all the different levels.


The fastest rescue wins! Keep track of your best times in each
of the Fire Fighter games. The timer at the bottom of the screen
lets you know how you're doing.


* The trapped man stays ahead of the fire by climbing a floor
at a time. Learn to estimate how fast the fire is moving
and how quickly he's moving through the warehouse. Place
the ladder and have the fire fighter climb so he'll reach
the man's floor and rescue him before he moves higher in
the warehouse.
* The man in the blazing building checks to see if the entire
floor below him is still on fire. If it isn't, he'll move
* When the fire fighter is on the engine, the man in the
warehouse moves to a window on the right side of the
building so the ladder can reach him. He may be scared, but
he isn't stupid!
* Listen for the crackle of the fire. Even if the fire
appears to be out, it may still be burning. When the fire
goes out completely, the crackling stops.

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