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Fire Fly


TEST PILOT LOG MARCH 17, 2093: On what started to be the routine high speed
test of interplanetary craft Delta 12, a power plant malfunction caused the
craft to skip off the rim of a small, black hole. After experiencing
level 5 turbulence I became unconscious. Upon awaking, I found myself in a
time and place unknown to me; the craft having been completely destroyed.

The place I am in is inhabited by giant bug-like creatures. Through thought
waves, the inhabitants explained that they are part of a culture originally
insect-like but now almost entirely mechanical. As their biological body
parts began to age beyond effective use they replaced them with mechanical
parts. Through their will to survive they eventually crated an entire
society composed of machines.

During this gradual conversion from living matter to machinery a group of
the inhabitants started programming themselves to survive even at the
expense of others in the society. They became know as the Bad-Bugs. After
the complete metamorphosis to computer controlled minds these bugs began
attacking the good creatures.

Because of my human reasoning and ability as an experienced test pilot
the good bugs have asked for my help. I have been put in command of the
best machine-bug on their planet. My task of saving the good bugs should
prove extremely difficult since the Bad-Bugs have creature-machines
programmed solely for the purpose of stopping me. I will, however, be
awarded valuable treasures by the good bugs for every enemy I eliminate.
To further complicate my task the good bugs have asked me to rescue the
last remaining living creature on their planet, the Pixie. They have
warned me to be very cautious when approaching the Pixy since it is
constantly guarded by a killer, machine-bee.



FIREFLY by Mythicon offers tremendous variety in the types of enemies you,
as Firefly, will encounter. By continually moving from one screen to the
next you are actually playing several games in one. Each enemy moves
differently and requires different skills of the game player.

The first challenge is to rescue the pixy. While appearing easy, be cautius
of the enemy bee. He is very good at determining where you are and his
sting is deadly. Should you survive and rescue the pixy, you are faced
with the flaming pumpkin. He is so hot that merely touching him will be
fatal. He also has an unlimited supply of deadly pumpkin seeds to fire at
you. The next screen brings you to the true meanness of the demons. Their
touch and cannon shots are to be avoided at all cost. The bats will be
waiting should the unlikely occur and you survive. The bad bugs aren't
worried, however, since they have a sun full of shooting balls of fire
ready to ruin your day. If that isn't enough, you can try your luck against
the coiled serpents. For the truly talented players who make it through
this series of Bad-Bug tricks don't worry, they will all be there again for
your next journey through the land of the Bad-Bugs.



1. Plug in Joystick or Ball Controller.

2. Turn power OFF, insert game cartridge.

3. Turn power ON.

4. DIFFICULTY SWITCHES are not used with FIREFLY. Levels of difficulty
are determined by the GAME SELECT SWITCH.

5. JOYSTICK CONTROLLERS move the Firefly left, right, up, down, and
diagonally on the screen.

The red fire button on the joystick fiers energy shots at the enemies.
You fire in the same direction as you are facing. You are only allowed
one shot at a time. Once your missile goes off the screen you are able
to fire again.

It is not possible to move left off the screen. All additional screens
are to the right.

6. BALL CONTROLLERS work very well with FIREFLY. Higher scores should be

7. GAME SELECT SWITCH will allow you to choose the level of difficulty
and whether on or two players will be playing.
* / . . \ Practice Mode, One Player -- No
/|\ | \__/ | scoring, unlimited lives.
_|_ \_____/

* Level One, One Player -- Scoring for
/|\ successfully shooting enemies. Additional
_|_ scores for picking up treasures
and saving the pixy.

* * Level One, Two Players -- Play alternates
/|\ /|\ starting with the left controller.
_|_ _|_

* ^ Level Two, One Player -- Enemies are
/|\ / \ more difficult to shoot.
_|_ \ /

* ^ * Level Two, Two Players
/|\ / \ /|\
_|_ \ / _|_


8. BEGIN PLAY by pressing the game reset button or by pressing the red
fire button on your controller. After each loss of a life a small
controller symbol will appear at the top of the screen. Pressing the red
fire button on your controller will restart the game.

9. SCORING is done by hitting the enemies with a missile, picking up
treasures, and rescuing the pixy. Points are awarded on the following

Shoot enemy 10 points
Shoot pumpkin 20 points
Rescue pixy 30 points
Recover treasure 99 points

10. LIVES remaining are displayed at the top of the screen. When the
game begins you have three lives.

12. DIFFICULTY is determined by selecting the Practice, First Level or
Second Level f difficulty. In the Practice Level you are able to get
into every screen meeting all of the enemies but there is no score and
you have an unlimited number of lives. The First Level and the Second
Level of difficulty have the same features as the Practice Level but all
of the enemies are more evil.

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