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Atari 2600
   Kung Fu Master       

Kung-Fu Master

For the Atari 2600 and Compatible Systems

Martial Artists Guide


One Goal, Many Levels
The lovely Princess Victoria is being held captive in the Evil Wizard's temple.
As the Kung-Fu Master, you're the only one powerful enough to rescue her.

The temple itself wouldn't pose that much of a problem. Except that it has
five different levels. And each one is crawling with a tireless army of

Using your superb martial arts skills, you'll have to oust henchmen, knife-
throwers, dragons, and a slew of other not-very-nice types.

If you manage to clean out everybody on a level, you'll automatically go to
the next level. And your energy meter and timer will be reset.

Once you succeed in rescuing Princess Victoria, you'll be sent back down to
the first floor for more kicking and punching and jumping. Only this time
things will happen even faster and more furiously.

1. Make sure that the power switch on your game machine is OFF.

2. Insert the Kung-Fu Master cartridge as described in you game system owner's

3. Turn the power switch to ON.

4. To begin play for a 1-player game, press the GAME RESET lever. To begin
play for a 2-player game, press the GAME SELECT lever, then the GAME RESET

What's on the Screen
In the upper left quarter of the screen you'll notice some numbers and bars.
Here's what's what:

The first number-the one that keeps getting smaller-is your timer. When it
reaches 200, a warning will sound to let you know that time's running out.
And when the timer reaches zero, you lose your life.

The number off to the right a bit (it starts at 3) is the number of lives
you have left.

The lower numbe-the one that keeps increasing (you hope)-is your score. You
can earn points for destroying each opponent-unless you let him get too
close before you punch or kick him.

Your Energy Bar
The first bar, labeled PLAYER, indicates your energy level. When it runs
out, so does your life.

Enemy Energy Bar
The second bar, labeled ENEMY, is the energy meter for the final opponent in
each level. You must deplete all of his energy to be able to go on to the
next level.

Note on two-player games: In a two player game, play alternates whenever a
player loses a life. The second-player's timer, score, and energy bar replace
thos of the first player, and so on. If one player loses all of his lives,
the other player continues without interruption until the game is over.

One Friend, Many Enemies
Princess Victoria is your only friend in this treacherous temple. Everyone
else-and everything else-is out to get you. Some of your enemies demonstrate
their power in numbers. Others sport some nasty weapons. While still others-
like the snakes-are completely indestructible.

You'll quickly learn the ins and outs of doing in your various opponents.
Each type requires special handling. Here's a hint or two on how to handle
them, just to get you started.

Henchmen. They're not that much of a threat for a Kung-Fu Master like you.
One punch or kick should do it. Problem is, there's so many of them. And
they come at you from both sides. Plus, they'll try to hold on to you and
drain your energy.

Knife-throwers. Duck or jump to avoid the knives. And use two punches or
kicks to knock these guys out of the game.

Midgets. These tumbling attackers approach you from either side. Sometimes
it's best toget them with a low punch or kick.

Dragon balls. Inside each of these innocent-looking falling balls is a fire-
breathing dragon, just waiting to singe your ghi off. Destroy the ball before
it hits the ground using a single kick. Or duke it out with the dragon with
punches or kicks.

Snake baskets. Like the dragons, these vile creatures fall from the sky
disguised. Only these guys are hidden in baskets. Smash the baskets before
they hit the ground. Or stay away from the scurrying snakes inside. Best to
jump over them if you have to.

Killer moths. They'll fly around annoyingly, trying to sting you. Sting them
first will a well-placed punch or kick.

The Five Biggies. At the end of each level there's one guy who's bigger and
badder than all the others. He can't exactly kill you with one blow, but each
of his hits will put a big dent in your energy level. So if your energy is
already low when you meet him, you could be in big trouble.

Here's who's who on each level:
Level 1 - The Fist Fighter
Level 2 - The Boomerang Thrower
Level 3 - The Giant Kicker
Level 4 - The Lightning Magician
Level 5 - The Gang Master

Total Control
As an experienced Kung-Fu master, you have total control of your every move,
every punch, every kick. The key is knowing when and where to use each
element of your martial artistry. The following instructions outline precisely
what you need to do to execute each move:

To move right or left, move the joystick right or left.

To jump, push the joystick forward.

To squat, pull the joystick back.

To kick high, move the joystick to the right or left and press the button.

To kick low, pull the joystick back and press the button.

To punch high, push the joystick diagonally forward to the right or left and
press the button.

To punch low, pull the joystick diagonally back to the right or left and press
the button.

To break a Henchman's hold, jiggle the joystick rapidly from side to side.

Earning Points and Extra Lives
You'll earn points for defeating your enemies. Some enemies are worth more
points than others.

Any time left over at the end of a level is multiplied by 10 and added to your
score. And any energy left over at the end of a level is multiplied by 100
and added to your score.

Here's what earns what:

-------------------- ------ ------
Henchmen 100 100
Knife Thrower 500 800
Midgets 200 300
Dragon Ball 2000 2000
Killer Moths 500 600
Fist Fighter 2000 2000
Boomerang Thrower 3000 3000
Giant Kicker 3000 3000
Lightning Magician 5000 5000
Gang Master 10000 10000

New Lives
You'll be awarded an extra life at 75,000 points.

A Few Hints
* Don't use punches and kicks randomly. A true martial artist knows when
to apply them at just the right moment.

* Try to figure out which type of blow works best against which opponents.
Most of them have certain weak spots.

* Don't try to battle the snake-just stay out of its way.

* Remember: no one opponent can kill you outright. But they all rob you
of energy. So if an opponent happens to hit you just when your energy
is low enough, he may end up killing you.

* Keep a close eye on the timer. When it runs out, so does your life.

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