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Atari 2600
   Realsport Tennis       

RealSports+ TENNIS

Note: Always turn the console POWER switch OFF when insert-
ing or removing an ATARI Game Program+ cartridge. This will
protect the electronic components and prolong the life of
your ATARI 2600+ Video Computer System+ game.


You win the RealSports+ TENNIS match by winning
the most games in two out of three sets.
Points are scored by hitting a ball over the net
that your opponent can't return.

After each game, the receiver becomes the
server. Players switch sides after the first
game and then after every other game, according
to the rules of tennis.

RealSports TENNIS can be played by one or
two players at slow or fast speed. In addition,
each player can play with automatic or manual racket control


Use your Joystick Controllers with this ATARI
Game Program+ cartridge. Be sure the cables are
firmly plugged into the jacks at the back of your console.
For one-player games, plug your controller into the
LEFT CONTROLLER jack. Hold the controller with the red
button to your upper left, toward the television screen. See your
owner's manual for further details.


Move your Joystick forward until the start arrow
() appears on your scoreboard, then press
the red controller button to start the game.
You can also personalize your tennis scoreboard
by writing in your player's name: Move the Joystick
forward and back to select a letter, space, period or
backspace from the scrolling alphabet.
When the desired character appears, press
the red controller button. Then select the start
arrow to begin the game (figure 1).

Note: If your name fills in all eight character
spaces, simply press the controller button to
start. then, get ready to serve!


Move your Joystick in the direction you want
your player to go. Press the red controller but-
ton to serve the ball. In one-player games you
must also press the button to make the computer
player serve the ball.

Note: In some games, the red controller but-
ton is used to swing the racket (see DIFFICULTY

There are three kinds of shots in RealSports
TENNIS: a normal shot, a hard hit, and a lob. A
normal shot is hit when your player is standing
still or moving from side to side; a hard hit when
your player is running towards the net; and a
lob when your player is running away from the net.

You can angle your shot by hitting the ball
with the tip of your racket. The closer the
ball is to your player's body, the straighter
your shot will be. In addition, the computer
automatically adjusts the players to hit backhand.



Press GAME SELECT to choose a one- or two-
player game at fast or slow speed. Your choice
is displayed on the scoreboard (figure 2).

Press GAME RESET to bring up the scrolling
alphabet. The letter A will appear. The game will
begin after you have entered a name or selected the
start arrow.


Use your DIFFICULTY switch to select automatic
or manual racket control. In the A position, you must press the
controller button to swing your player's racket; in the B position,
your player will automatically hit a ball within range.

In one-player games the right DIFFICULTY
switch controls the computer player's game play.
When the switch is in the A position, the computer
plays more skillfully than when it is in the B position.


Scoring is similar to real tennis. Players compete
to win games, sets, and finally, to win the match.


For each game, points are scored as follows:

First point = 15
Second point = 30
Third point = 40
Fourth point = Game

To win a game, a player must have a two
point lead. If both players score three points
(40 each), the score is called DEUCE. The next
player to score a point has the advantage (AD),
and must score another point to win the game.
If the other player scores a point, the
score is called DEUCE again until one player
scores the necessary two points.


The first player to win six games with a two-game
lead wins the set. If the score is six-to-six, another
game is added to break the tie. The player
that wins two out of three sets wins the match.


* Try rushing the net after a serve to hit the
ball before it bounces The other player will hit
from the baseline. Then suddenly, hit the ball at
an angle - out of the other player's reach.

* Play a one-player slow game to practice
different shots against the computer-pro. Then
try mixing your shots to catch the computer off

* Try hitting a lob when your opponent comes
to the net. This may throw your opponent off
balance or give you time to reposition yourself
on the court for a new attack.

* If the other player moves up to the net, hit
the ball to the baseline. Your opponent will have
a hard time returning the ball in time. Use the
same tactic by hitting the ball to the sidelines.

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