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Video Game Connection - Reviews Of the Month
[XB] Counter-Strike by Dog - 05/25/2008

Counter Strike, so OK I know it is an old game but I definately have to give it a 5 star, as it is the mostly played game in my collection. With me, my favourite type of games is the first person shooters. But I love the death match type games mostly. Games like where you can play against Bots as though there were real people in short quick fast action games. Games like Unreal Championship 1 and 2, Starwars Battlefront I and 2 are just a couple of them type games that I like. And I have to say that Counter Strike is mainly one of them type games as well. Of course I LOVE Army type games even though I have not seen any of my army based games with this kinda of deathmatch multiplayer type action.

At first this game did NOT quite appeal to me. I tried it and then said no this isnt for me.. but after some time has passed, and I finally decided to give it another shot and after playing it more and more I have to admit it wins you over.

I read that Counter Strike was actually a mod for HALF LIFE. Now I never played Half Life. SO I never had a chance to experience the MOD version of Counter Strike. Mainly cause my PC is a very slow machine and couldnt ever run Half Life on it where it would enjoyable. But I have to admit that the actual game Counter Strike for the XBOX is FUN!

As you probly already know from my last review of Star Wars Battlefront, that I do NOT have XBOX LIVE so I need BOT action!! heheh! I miss the days when I use to hook up two computers in this house with network crossover and my son and I used to play games like Doom, Quake, Duke 3D, etc etc.. Though m my son was mostly into Warcraft 1 and 2 which I was never any good at, he DID become very ADEPT at using the mouse and keyboard on them first person shooters! He was getting to be quite a challange! But Ahhhhhhhh those were the good old days.

Well back to my Counter Strike review. The graphics and overall visuals, are good but could be better. But I guess we have to expect that with an older game in comparision to some of the later releases for the XBOX. As far as presentation, and visuals, the levels themselves are GOOD, but you can see some of them are out of scale. Where the players look small compared to thier surroundings. But if I recall, levels built for Quake , Doom and Duke were the same way! :o) So it isnt any big deal.

I especially love the way the blood splatters on the way when you shoot the other players. Hehe. Ok I am not a violent person in anyway but that I admit adds that extra touch. The models used to represent the characters could have been done a little differently in my own opinion. Like for example, when they are walking and you watch them they have a tendandcy to do a full 360 degree turn with their upper body while still walking in the same direction.

OK I know that can be done in real life but NOT just the upper body that turnd a whole 360?! In real life you have to at least turn your whole feet too!! heheh SO yeah it is something I have noticed.

Also when you are shot and you can view the other players walking around or what not, and if say one of them is next to a wall, you are like looking behind them and it seems like you see right through them. I know it isnt really an issue and doesn't effect game play, but it is something that could have been worked on better. But again this is an older game.

The levels are well planned out. I like the idea of having TWO different SAFETY ZONES in some of the levels when playing HOSTAGE. That makes it harder for the Bad guys to know which one they are going to be at. But if the bad guys would be SMART enough to STAY NEXT to the hostages when you tell them to, then they would be able to win the game more often. hehehe! I mean because it is only obvious that the Good Guys have to make it to YOU, if you stay there next to the hostages. But then when the bad guys get up and start walking around or move to the Saftey Zones.. you know it is a very good possiblity you will end up loosing the match. You stand a better chance of winning if they stayed and guarded the hostages. My theory is let them COME TO YOU!

One prime example of a single safety zone level, is the BANK level, which happens to be the worst level for being the bad guys. I mean granted if you ARE the BAD GUYS you can WIN every game. Once the game starts, if your the bad guys, and head directly outside and get behind the SWAT truck. Then keep watching the front door. The Good Guys HAVE NO other choice but to come out that ONE DOOR. So you see how you can easily shoot them before they get out. So why does that make it the worst level for the Bad Guys? Cause there is no fun in it when you know a way to beat it all the time. :o)

OF course I am playing against BOTS and they can be very predictable, at times. But the bots do have thier high points. They can save your butt in quite the emergency. If you get some to follow you they can either be a hinder and cluster around you specially making it rough to move out of the way when enemy is shooting you, or they can take the shot FIRST and die before you get it, heheh. But USUALLY that does NOT happen. I dont know how many times that when I am surrounded by my fellow team bots and there is a bad guy shooting at us, that he SEEMS to be ONLY AIMING for me and I am the one that goes down first. Odd eh?!

Depending on the levels I have a preference on what side to be on. For hostage games I like being the good guys cause you have to work harder to win the game, where being the bad guys, as I mentioned before, you have to only sit around the hostages and let them come to you. The bomb games, I like being the bad guy cause sometimes if I am playing the good guys I forget to get the DIFFUSE kit! hehe! And then on top of that there is two places to bomb so that makes it harder to get to the bomb in time if your at the wrong site. Remember I am playing with BOTS! hehe!

My Favourite levels? Well, as I say they are ALL quite enjoyable. There is alot of FUN LEVELS each having its own different game play action! There is also TWO MORE levels that you can get for it but you need XBOX Live to unlock them. Since I dont have XBOX live I cant make any comments on them two levels. OFFICE and INFERNO.

The weapons are killer, I personally love the BULL PUP (for the good guys and the equal weapon for the bad guys) where you can click ZOOM once in and out. you dont need to go through three levels of zoom!. Though the zoom isnt as strong as the other. it gets frustrating when having to click through all the zooms to get back to normal view. There is another weapon I like that DOESN'T have any zoom but I can put on a silencer on it.. and it is FAST AND ACURATE. Not sure of the names of the weapons hehe, it is hard to read the weapons names when your trying to HURRY AND STOCK up before the game starts hehehe!

The Grenades can be another thing in itself . The bots tend to throw them right in the middle of thier own team. Specially the dangerous frag ones! Man that can be frustrating.. "FIRE IN THE HOLE" ....RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! hehehe!

I personally love the FLASH grenades. Specially when the enemy is grouped together. I hit a flash in the middle of them and they are all like froze motionless. Making it easy to run up and shoot them all! heheheh! IT is so funny when they are just froze there! HEHEH I remember one time, someone (or someBOT I should say) threw a flash in front of me and when I came to be able to see again, I noticed I was like smack dab, only INCHES away from an enemy with his gun pointing at me at the same time I was pointing at him, hehehehe! Both of us squating, heheh, it was very comical.. and of course I QUICKLY opened fire first 'cause if I didn't I would have been dead. hehehe! The smoke grenades are very seldom used, the bots don't even use them at all!

Man, I wish there were more levels and ways to get levels to the xbox. That would surely even add more excitement to the game. If my PC was faster I would try the PC version of it and make my own levels but ALAS we can only do with what we got. I still give it a 5 STARS never the less, as it STILL KICKS BUTT!! :o)

UPDATE: (06/23/2008) OK, I have to add this update to my review. First of all I DO notice that when they do the 360 degree movement that, in fact, they do rotate thier legs too! But it just seems so quick that it is unnatural. :) Also a big notice is that when you got bots following you, whether one bot or ALL five, like in the level CORRUPTION, the bots REFUSE to go through half opened doorways. Once you go through they seem to walk back and go a long way around to follow you!

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