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PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:04 pm    Post subject:  Check this out. Reply with quote

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I found an interesting blog on a subject i think bears talking about.tell me what you all think.;subject;1

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:33 am    Post subject:   Reply with quote

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it is a good topic but i disagree. let me tell yuo my feelings on why i DISAGREE.

First of all.. i cant see the need to actually have an ADULTS ONLY RATING... what ages are considered adult ages?! The only way it would be would be if it was some kinda pronographic game like that. but it would have to be totallyout there to be considered an ADULT ONLY!.

Alot of the games NOW have some kinda of sexual related material in it.. though it warns as CONATINS SEXUAL CONTENT... so already they have games that DO THAT!

Now what about games that has other conent that is other then sexual related?? That would be considered to be an adualt only game?! Violence blood.. gore.. etc etc.. which you already find todays games.. almost every game released today that has a rating of MATURE NATURE.. is already got that stuff in it! Look at GRAND THEFT AUTO games .. they all been like that.. and they would classifie to be an ADULTS ONLY. wouldnt you think?!

Look at the new CODMW2 game..Like Digital daredevil said in the shoutbox.. about that airport level.. I AGREE!!... It is a very sensitive level out of that whole game. It is the kids, who have no consiouse (SP), who play that game, are the ones you NEED to be concerned about!

So what is an ADULT game?!?! THAT term should ACTUALLY be defined FIRST! How can games get any worse to be considered ADULT ONLY GAMES?!?!

yeah see this is a good topic.. but thats my feelings on it! Smile

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:35 pm    Post subject:   Reply with quote

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I personally believe that a game rated AO is unnecessary. While I understand some of the arguments that the author of the aforementioned blog is trying to make, I just do not feel that they are completely valid. Take movies for example.

How come you never see any movie with the NC-17 rating? The reason is quite simply money or the lack thereof. Now, what I mean by lack thereof is that such a movie with that particular rating will not make any money. A lot of the horror movies are PG-13 for a reason; they want to make money. By making a horror movie exclusive to the NC-17 audience the studio would be alienating a huge demographic. That reasoning applies to the game industry as well.

If a game were to come out with a rating of AO it would not sell. Sure a few consumers would be more than happy to buy the game, but an equally huge demographic would be unable to buy the game. If somebody from the under 18 crowd were to get their dirty little hands on a AO game; that could potentially bring more negative light to the gaming industry as a result of their parents finding out. All in all, I think the games they are coming out now are good enough. There is no need to stir up any kind of controversy for the sake of controversy.

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