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PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:00 pm    Post subject:  Star Wars Soundtrack Reply with quote

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I just sat and listened to the soundtrack to SW Episode One Phantom Menace. Killer Soundtrack.. You know one thing about sound tracks like this, is that one doesnt really appreciate the work that goes in to a movie's background music, when you are actually watching the movie. It fillsin the blank spots and helps keep the MOOD of the different scenes.. so other then the subconcious you dont really notice it in detail UNTIL you actually hear the soundtrack by itself!

NOw I could be just hearing things, but one thing i noticed with the music for SWEP1 is that is somehow makes me think of JURASSIC PARK. There is alot of riffs in there that sounds JUST LIKE Jurassic Park Music... if you were to listen to it you will hear the Jurassic theme music peeking through it somewhat hehe!

OH well, never the less, I still think John Williams is like one of the best Sound track composers ever. I also like to know how they ever get that KILLER MIX of a FULL blown orchestra? To sound that good in a stereo specially with headphones?! I would be happy if I could just mix a four peice song with just drums bass and guitar an vocals AT HALF AS decent heheh!

YOU know what else is weird. For the longest time I would humm the STAR WARS main theme in my head ... all the time .. and then i would somehow switch over to the SUPERMAN theme hehehe without missing a beat hehe.. It is odd how that is so easily done!!. Well, I mean in my head anyways hehe!

I wonder if someone hasnt did a MASH up of the STAR WARS theme and mix it with the SUPERMAN theme?! that would be killllller.. Heck I may take a wack at it, just for the 'ell of it!

OK i am done typing this post!!! hehe

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