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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:46 am    Post subject:  Xbox collectors? Reply with quote

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I was just wondering about "collecting" on this system since the 360 is out and the original xbox has stopped production (from what I read). Sure most of us collect all the cartridge based systems and games, but is anyone collecting xbox games? Is there a "Rareity" List? I have seen a list that was over 1k games but not sure if they were worldwide releases.

You probably can get just about every released xbox game for around 5-6k. Good or Bad investment?



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PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:53 am    Post subject:   Reply with quote

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i wouldnt consider my self a collector persay.. as i am only looking for specific games that are of my interest... i do have alot of xbox games.... some are older and some are newer.. i dont know about about rarities "yet" for them.. unless they were imports. or something. Kinda like the way the dreamcast was.. there wasnt really any rarities for it but some of the imports people wanted that were hard to get!

I personally like the collectors editions of games cause they give you so much more.. like the DOOM 3 collectors edition had the FULL versions of Old doom on it heheh!.. HALO 2 CE had the DVD about how the makign of it!. Both Doom3 and halo2 ce's had the Metal Boxes too!.. then there was MortAL KOMBAT i think it was DECEPTION or somethign like that, which i also have the CE of it.. and that had like a couple novelties in it! Surprised)

Unlike the gamecube that had special RELEASES like the LEGEND OF ZELDA OOT and MASk as well as some of the older zeldas too!.. all in one package.. !. which was kewl!.. which wasnt released in stores but as a special item and limited, too! ,... that would be more of a RARITY !! at least to me that would be!

The Xbox , tho i never seen anything like that released for the xbox yet, had some promo items too like the Oddworld, Strangers Wrath PROMO dvd!.. which was kewl.. as sheet ,, and its what made me WANT the game... (and Yes i am still looking for it, hint hint to that special person reading this hehe!) Wink

The xbox also had that DOOM 3 Weapons Booklet too, which was released when the game came out on the xbox. i thought was a DVD in its case which turned out to be just a little booklet in a DVD case... hehe!

there WAS, though at least i pretty sure of, a release of a FUll DVD for DOOM 3 saying the MAKING BEHIND DOOM 3 .. which i dont know how to get it.. or where it is even.. but i read it was out there..and i am STILL looking for it, THAT would be, to me, considered a rarity as well!.. even tho it isnt a game.

So i guess that being i want this stuff hehe yeah i probably WOld be consider a collector then! Razz

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