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Atari 2600
   Fast Eddie       



Set up your video computer system and left joystick controller as
instructed in your manufacturer's manual. Turn the power OFF and
insert the Fast Eddie game cartridge.


Turn the power ON. Use the Game Select lever to select a Difficulty
Level, one through eight. (The Difficulty Switches are not used in
Fast Eddie.) Press the Game Reset lever or the joystick button to
leave the "Demo Mode" and get ready, here comes Fast Eddie!


Your objective is to help Eddie capture as many floating prizes as he
can jump up and grab. You must keep Eddie hopping over the pesky
little Sneakers while guiding him up, down and around the screen.


Tilting your joystick left and right makes Eddie run back and forth
across each floor and tilting the joystick forward and backward gets
him climbing up and down the ladders. Pressing the joystick button
makes Eddie jump. For a big leap, press the button while Eddie is

Press the Color-B/W lever to pause and start the game at any time
during play.


Sneakers are the little critters who guard the prizes and they love
nothing better then to trip up Fast Eddie. Eddie's only defense is
to climb to another floor or hop over the little pests. Different
sizes and combinations of Sneakers appear in each play level. Eddie
can hurdle all of them, with a little practice, except for the world's
tallest Sneaker, High-Top, who guards the upper floor. Every time
Eddie grabs a prize, High-Top gets shorter until Eddie is able to jump
over him too!


Each new screen of Fast Eddie has a total of ten floating prizes that
will appear two at a time. It's Eddie's job to hop up and grab as many
as possible. After he's snagged nine prizes, a key appears directly
above High-Top, which Eddie must also jump and grap. Snatching the tenth
prize is optional, but worth 90 extra points. After Eddie gets the key,
it's on to the next screen and new prizes!


You begin each game with four Fast Eddies. Each time you snatch a key,
you get a bonus Eddie. You are limited to three bonus Eddies at any
one time. The number of reserve Eddies is displayed by bars located
under the score. When your last Eddie is tripped up, the game ends.


Learn to jump while running toward an on-coming Sneaker. This gives
you the longest leap, and is the best way to play the game successfully.

Another strategy is to jump when you're right against the edge of the
screen. The Sneakers will run under you and either pass by or bounce
back before you come down.

Eddie is always safe while on a Ladder, but you must be extra careful
when Eddie is on Ladders that align. A heavy hand on the joystick
will have Eddie climbing up and down Ladders out of control.

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