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Atari 2600
   GI Joe       


by Parker Brothers
c 1983

Defend and fire! That's your mission in this battle between the G.I.
Joes and their archenemy Cobra! Cobra, an evil organization,
determined to take over the world, now slithers back and forth over the
G.I. Joe training camp in the form of a giant cobra snake. And that
means danger for the G.I. Joe recruits running for shelter between the
training building and headquarters.

You see, the Cobra is trying to capture them by shooting venom from its
fangs and laser beams from its eyes. If hit by venom, a recruit is
"vaporized" until he materializes again...at Cobra Headquarters! And
if he's hie by a laser beam, he's directly "beamed up!"

But you as G.I. Joe can protect the recruits with your atomic-powered
energy shield. You as G.I. Joe can destroy the Cobra with your
missile-firing guns. But you must be quick with your wits and deadly
with your aim. It's a mission for only a highly trained commando like
G.I. Joe--and you.


The object of the game depends on whose side you're on -- the G.I. Joe
Special Mission Forces or Cobra. If you're playing as G.I. Joe, the
object is to destroy the Cobra while protecting the G.I. Joes. If
you're playing as the Cobra, the object is to capture four G.I. Joes
before G.I. Joe destroys you.


1. Select a game level number and number of players (see GAME SELECTION
on back page) by pressing down on the GAME SELECT switch. The game
number and number of players will appear at the top of the screen.
2. Set the DIFFICULTY switch:
Position A (Expert):
1-player game. Your shield must be next to either gun turret
in order to fire.
2-player cooperative game. Your shield must be next to your
own gun turret in order to fire.
2-player competitive game. Your shield must be next to either
gun turret in order to fire.
3-player game. You shield must be next to your own gun turret
in order to fire.
Position B (Novice):
Your shield may be in any position in order to fire.
3. Press down the GAME RESET switch and you're ready to start the


Plug a set of paddles firmly into the LEFT controller Jack. The paddle
on the LEFT controls the red shield and red gun turret. The paddle on
the RIGHT controls the blue shield and blue gun turret. In a one-
player game, use the LEFT paddle.

Use the paddle to maneuver your shield from LEFT to RIGHT between the
two gun turrets. To fire your missiles, keep the fire button pressed
down. The missile will explode automatically. To direct the missile
toward your target, turn the paddle dial LEFT or RIGHT accordingly.

Plug the Joystick firmly into the RIGHT controller jack. The Joystick
controls the Cobra in the two-player competitive and three-player
games, only.

Use the Joystick to maneuver the Cobra LEFT and RIGHT. Press the fire
button in order to drop venom. Move the Joystick DOWN in order to
shoot a laser beam.


The way in which you play the game depends on the number of players and
whether you play as G.I. Joe or as the Cobra.

The one-player game is indicated by "i" at the top of the screen. In
this game, you're G.I. Joe; the Cobra is computer-controlled.

The two-player cooperative game is indicated by "ii". In this game,
both players are G.I. Joes. You play simultaneously, both trying to
destroy the Cobra together. The Cobra is computer-controlled. Two-
player strategy can be really exciting. As one G.I. Joe defends, the
other can fire. Then you can trade roles. Or both G.I. Joes can work
their own strategies--but at the same time. There are all kinds of
possibilities when two G.I. Joes work together against the enemy!

The two-player competitive game is indicated by "i i". In this game,
one player is G.I. Joe; the other player is the Cobra.

The three-player game is indicated by "iii". In this game, two players
are the G.I. Joes; the third is the Cobra.


Using your shield. When playing as G.I. Joe, use your shield to block
vaporizing venom being dropped onto the recruits from the Cobra's
ferocious fangs. Watch the Cobra as it slithers left and right over
the recruits running for shelter below. Keep your eye on the venom as
it drops and try to get your shield underneath it in time. The further
left or right you turn the paddle dial, the faster the shield will
move. Keep this in mind in order to use your shield most effectively.

[Image of the playing screen. The Recruits are the people running from
right to left. The gun turrets are on the left and right and fire at
the Cobra snake. The Shield is the thing that moves back and forth and
can block the Cobra's venom. They look like an upside down "u".]

In higher rounds of game play, the Cobra also shoots laser beams with
the power to "beam up" a recruit into captivity. Just before it does
so, however, you'll receive a warning. The Cobra stops moving, emits a
warning sound, and turns a bright color. This tells you that in a
second, the laser beam will fall. So you'd better move your shield
under it fast or it could mean "capture" for any recruits in its path!

Firing your missiles. To fire your missiles, keep the fire button
pressed down while you turn the paddle dial left or right. Use these
directions to guide the missile toward your target. Try to hit the
Cobra right in either eye; a hit to the body won't count. As soon as
you release the fire button, the paddle dial controls your shield once

Each time you make a direct hit to the eyes, it's indicated at the
bottom of the screen. Make eight hits to the eyes, and you've
destroyed the Cobra! The Cobra will split in two and disappear from
the screen.

The Bonus Shot. Every so often during higher rounds of game play,
you'll hear three rising notes. If you can hit the Cobra in the eyes
at that moment, the Cobra is instantly destroyed and you score 10,000
bonus points!


When playing the Cobra, try to hit all four of the G.I. Joe recruits as
they run for shelter at the bottom of the screen. To do so, drop venom
from your fangs by pressing the fire button on the Joystick. Or shoot
a laser beam by moving the Joystick DOWN. Direct your shots by
maneuvering the Cobra with your Joystick LEFT and RIGHT over the
movement of the G.I. Joe beneath you. The number of recruits remaining
in the game is monitored at the bottom left of the screen.

Eliminate all four recruits before G.I. Joe destroys you, and you've
won the game.


In games in which the Cobra is computer-controlled, you'll progress
from one round to the next--as long as you can destroy the Cobra before
it gets all four recruits. If you do so, a Cobra of a different color
will appear on screen for the next round. As you move from one round
to the next, the game becomes a little more difficult: the Cobra moves
faster, drops more venom, and shoots more laser beams.

But if the Cobra destroys all four recruits before G.I. Joe destroys
it, the game ends.

In games in which the Cobra is player-controlled, you do NOT progress
from one round to the next. The game simply ends when either G.I. Joe
destroys the Cobra or when the Cobra destroys all four G.I. Joes.


There are four levels of difficulty. Level one is the easiest; level
four is the most difficult. Each level has one-player, two-player
cooperative, two-player competitive, and three-player options. See the
GAME SELECTION box for the level at which you wish to play.

To play again at the same game level, either press the GAME RESET
switch or press the fire button in the LEFT paddle controller.

To play at a different game level, press the GAME RESET switch.


| | |
| | |
| 1 | slow Cobra, slow shields |
| | |
| 2 | fast Cobra, slow shields |
| | |
| 3 | slow Cobra, fast shields |
| | |
| 4 | fast Cobra, fast shields |


As G.I. Joe (whether playing alone or with another player), your score
is displayed at the top of the screen throughout the game. Points
accumulated as follows:

Each recruit reaching safety.............................. 10 points
Hitting the Cobra's eyes................................. 100 points
Destroying the Cobra.................................... 1000 points
Making the Bonus Shot................................. 10,000 points

Note: For every 10,000 points scored, you'll receive one additional
recruit. In all the games, the Cobra does NOT score points.

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