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Video Game Connection - Reviews Of the Month
[XB] Star Wars Battlefront by Dog - 08/24/2006

One of the long awaiting games for a Star Wars fanatic like myself. Fast, Fun and completely loaded with action. And those "Not So Fanatics" will also enjoy the fast intense battle action of this game has to offer.

Laserfire, thermal detonators, narrow walkways, and the Carbon Freezing chamber, make this is an incredible game, even if you don't have XBOX LIVE and forced to play alone. :)

Though I had this game for awhile, I finally decided to write a FULL review for it. When I first loaded up the game I didn't know what to expect. Then when I loaded levels like the YAVIN and ENDOR levels, I was very impress how the graphics looked. The forests looked like REAL forests, and I ESPECIALLY loved the way the waterfalls look on the on the south end of the YAVIN map.

The ENDOR level was JUST as impressive. I loved how the forest looked like a REAL forest with the rays of the sun bearing through the trees. The landscaping is so realistic it even has dead fallen trees where you can walk through and dodge enemy fire. You would think alot of the trees would just get in the way when trying to move around avoiding getting hit by laser blasts, but if you think about it, a real forest would be just as full of trees. And that natural cover can be very helpfull. I think this level is one of my favourites as far as graphics go.

Don't get me wrong , the other levels were just as good as far as graphics. Like take HOTH and the RHEN VAR maps, for example, they actually makes you feel cold HEHE! The wind sound effect that it has in the back ground adds that extra touch.

The vehicles are really fun to operate, especially the walkers on HOTH. But can be just as deadly when you are on the opposite forces. In BESPIN, the platform map, you get to pilot some of the flying crafts around. That comes in really handy when trying to get from one side of the level to the other and avoid all the battle on foot. It is a quick way to get to one of the enemys command post. And what I think is fun, is when you can actually land the crafts on the roofs of some of the platforms, climb down and sneek up on your enemys that are on foot. :)

As far as the AI concerned, first of all I dont have XBOX LIVE so I am forced to only play the AI. They can be very challenging sometime, but there is times when they are some of the dumbest AI around. hehehe. Like here is some examples :

1: When I am running down the long hallway on BESPIN CLOUD CITY level, just as I start playing as the Republic Forces, I tell them to hold, so they dont get in front of me when I am shooting as i walk the hallways.. Usually at the point, when I start I am on a shooting streak and pluggin off any of the bad Seperatists as they pop in down at the end.

The stupid guys on my side, just ignore me so they run down the hall in, now get this, DIRECTLY in MY LINE of fire as I am shooting. It is frustrateing, cause I have to stop shooting and then it gives the SEPS more time to build up quite a force down there.

2: Then when I tell them TO FOLLOW me, and I stop behind a wall to avoid getting shot from a DROIDEKA, the guys that was following me will push me in the line of fire. Mannnnnnnnnn that's IRRITATING, hehe, but it is kinda humorous.

3: And I dont have to tell them to follow me they can be on thier OWN free will mode too and they STILL LIKE TO PUSH me out in the line of fire.

4: Then if they ARE following me and I happen to stop to take aim and shoot at a SEP in the distance, the stupid doodes that I have following me will keep running into me making me losing my AIM!!. GRRRRRRR!

5: Here is a funny one, hehehe, if there is tons of SEPS say ahead of me, I will tell my men to HOLD POSITION to keep them from getting hit. Well WHEN they are told to HOLD, they HOLD, even if they are getting shot at. They will stand there looking at an opposite wall getting shot from behind, without turning around to look and SHOOT BACK! hehehe

There is alot more of them I could list but I guess the main thing is that, "They HOLD when you DON'T want them to and then they DON'T when you DO want them to!!"... HEHEH!

Even with some of the dumb things the AI does, there is a few glitches to be aware of. RHEN VAR : HARBOR has a glitch in the tunnel if you walk to to far left as you go in you will fall through a dead spot in the tunnel and eventually die. HOTH also has a glitch in the main hanger cave if you go to the far right of the big entrance you will also find a dead spot and die.

With the graphics and the fun action, as I play with the MEDIUM skill level, this game is STILL way fun and one of my mainly played games. The reason I play medium is that I like to see the enemys on my radar. It is still kinda hard when you play the HARDEST level and dont know where the enemys are on the map. hehe!! I love this game and I think that it is a definate MUST for every Star Wars fan, and even those who aren't.

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